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Fokker Super Universal, Scratch, Scale 1/48

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Dear modellers,


I like to show you, how I built most of my models in scratch, in scale 1/48.

After building so many model kits, I wanted something different.

I always wanted some Fokker models in my collection, pity for me, there are only a few kits.


So I figured out a way, to build models in scratch. Of course it took some time, and much trial

and error, but at last it worked right out for me.


The materials I most use are 0,5mm – 2.0 mm plastic sheet, sometimes wood for the wings and

to form difficult pieces with double curves.

DVD boxes for clear parts and finally self-adhesive aluminium tape.

At last I managed to print my the decals on my PC.


Well, as the saying is, a few pictures tell more then many words, I hope you enjoy the

photographs and maybe they offer some inspiration :




And here the finished model:






Happy Easter to everybody !




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