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Classic Clips from tv and film.

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On 9/6/2020 at 8:06 PM, Vince1159 said:

I've got these on dvd and this's second to Thunderbirds,love it...


Those puppets are positively creepy. I’m surprised they didn’t scare the crap out of the youngsters!



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OK you just have to watch thi. Viewed it twice another this evening.


Mid Night Run. de Niro at his best & Charles Grodin. This is the cleanish trailer.


De Niro has to take a prisoner from south to North. FBI want him others want him dead. De Niro gets paid if he delivers. Brilliant firlm one of the best.





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Posted (edited)

But i doubt anyone will beat Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in 'The Doors' (he did all his own live singing)....


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