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Nespresso Cockpit - 1/72 recycling


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The Nespresso capsules are made of thin aluminum. 


At first I thought about trying to make some seatbelts out of a capsule. Then I thought they would look nice on a pilot´s seat... and, in the end I managed to make a whole cockpit out of one capsule.


I drew the seat with a ruler and pencil. Cut it out with scissors and marked the folding lines with an Olfa scriber.


The material is really nice to work with. Marking the folding lines makes it very easy to bend straight edges.




The belts are just thin slivers folded and the buckles are even thinner slivers. I guess I could have easily punched small holes to replicate smaller details.




The belts fold very nicely. Much better than Eduard PE belts.









Hope you like it!










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Nice! 👍


I think aluminium is not as widely recognised as a modelling material as it should be.


Aluminium printer’s lithoplate is another great material to use.

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