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P-61 Widow - 1/48 Hobby Boss

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Hey All,

   I'm one of the victims of the ATT DNS denials in the US, so I'm trying to get caught up from a work-trip hotel room. I've been trying a new technique on each kit. The technique I tried on this kit was painting/finishing major subassemblies prior to final assembly. The wings/booms, center fuselage and center tailplane were all built, painted and weathered separately. The final assembly with very little weathering/finishing after.

   I found it easier to paint and weather some of the compound curves. But gluing the final sub assemblies was a bit nerve racking.









Thanks for looking!



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I've had a soft spot for the Black Widow ever since I, as a kid on vacation in Austria, bought an Airfix 1/72 kit - in Feldkirch I think it was :hmmm:- in the neighbourhood of the Bodensee! B)

Your model - magnificent as it is - brought back the memories! Thank you for that! :D


Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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