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I am currently working on the Revell 1/32 Arado single float plane. Just want to check on the final paint colours. Revell quote Matt 45 which is an Olive green is that right? I know Tamiya do an olive green XF-58, so do Mr Paint RLM- 80. What I really need to know is, is Olive green the right overall colour? as it seems to me to be a sort of RLM 02 colour. Your help would be most appreciated on this matter.

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Ok, first, I suggest editing you post to read "early Arado 196 colour scheme query"   as "paint query" I only looked at out of curiosity,  remember this is the question you see when looking at the forum, or i do at least.


second.  this kit? 



from the box art, that look like a silver float, with the main plane in RLM 02.


Revell 45 is not olive green, 





Mike G said:

You won't go far wrong with Revell 45 (Light Olive). According to my references it's pretty much spot on for Grau 02, cheap and relatively easy to find. Revell have a good range, their paints brush and spray well and is probably my favourite brand at the moment.

Hope this helps


Good call. Humbrol (sic)  meaning Revell 45 is matched to RAL 7003 Moosgrau (Moss Grey) which is closest to 5 out of 6 samples of RLM 02 measured. Probably easier to use for brush painting than Xtracolor too.


So, if the plane IS overall RLM 02,  then Revell 45 is a very good match for this.  


according to this, it's an AR196 V4




Whichever route you choose, both V4 and V5 featured an attractive scheme in overall RLM 02, with silver floats.


So, looks like a good colour call from Revell





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