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Jim Wasley

28mm American War of Independence

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These are some of my AWI figures I am painting these are WarLord figures Hessian Regiment I have 5 finished and the others have their first coat of paint,Some are regulars and others are Jager Grenadiers and Fusiliers,I have more box sets on order for this era Colonial Militia,Woodlands Indian and a Field Artillery set,These are a nice Period to do.Cheers.



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They look great having recently taken receipt of some AWI Hessian troops in 6mm. :yes:


After noticing that you're forever buying and painting figures in various scales, do you do this as a wargamer or wanting to represent a unit or both? I personally want to depict lots on different units but only want to depict troop types, commands, drummers, etc on one stand. So in the above Hessian unit, I would want to say show a line musketeer, fusilier, grenadier, jaeger for the troop type, sergeant and officer for the command and a drummer. From your experience and with what I want to do, are box sets the way to go? How easy is it to use the excess troops for other subjects?




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Thanks Stuart,I don't know about forever buying figures(at least don't tell my wife),but always painting you are right there,I have for many years painted 1/35,but only last year saw these 28mm figures on this site,and I am now hooked,I have painted some 1/72 as well but have settled on the 28mm for the variety you can get and it seems for me and my tired old eyes a nice balance to work with,No I do not play wargames,(I once went to a meet in my area and all were old enough to be my grandsons),I felt totally out of place,so I just paint for my own pleasure and in no order, I paint what catches my eye,be it in regimental form,small groupings or single,I'm really not the guy to ask about how you should go with your figures,there are a lot more experienced modellers than myself,just do a post and I'm sure you will get a lot of replies,just wade through them and find what suits you,about the excess I find in the short time I have been working on these 28mm figures I to have amassed a lot of spares,I do use some for different figures,but in your 6mm size which is so tiny you may be able to modify to suit,I mostly always buy box sets it's cheaper, the times I buy single figure is usualy WarHammer someone sells a single figure on/line,Do like WarHammer but they are so costly to buy in Australia.Hope this has not been to confusing, Will be glad to see your figure when finished

Cheers Jim.

Just finished a few more today with the Mitre helmets,really love these helmets,must have been a devil to wear in combat,just to keep them balanced.Cheers.


Edited by Jim Wasley

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