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Some of you may have seen my earlier WIP posts about creating this "Type S Scout/Courier"  from the Traveller Sci-Fi RPG universe from concept art, through 3D modeling, 3D printing, prep and painting. My previous WIPs have all been at 1/350 scale, but I was intrigued by a suggestion to build it at 1/285 scale since it's a popular scale for Micro Armor war games, Warhammer 40K Epic scale and a variety of other terrain and miniatures.


In the process of creating a larger scale build, I completely overhauled the geometry of the model, adding quite a bit more hull paneling detail that resolved very nicely in this slightly larger scale. I also added a number of weapon turret variants and built out the sensor pods found in the original artwork.


All hull markings were airbrushed on with the help of custom vinyl paint masks that I created except for the small "Poni" symbol on the starboard side and the hazard markers on the rear airlock, which are custom water slide decals. The engines are not rocket exhausts, but "thruster plates", which are part of the ship's Manuever Drive unit, a sci-fi reactionless thurster. Thruster plates emit a bluish glow, like Cerenkov radiation, when operating.


Hope you enjoy my latest model!





































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6 hours ago, cmatthewbacon said:

That’s brilliant, and takes me back! I built one (nothing like so well) in 15mm scale to go with my Striker miniatures when I was 16, so nearly 40 years ago now!



Ah, that brings back old memories for me as well! I still have my original boxed set of Striker rules and while I never did find a group to play with, I spent many an afternoon in the 80s designing vehicles and weapon systems for my fictional mercenary company influenced by the Hammer's Slammers novels.

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7 hours ago, Yeoman1942 said:

Very 😎, when do you start taking orders? 

I've had a number of people ask me this same question and it would require acquiring a license for the Traveller brand, which I'm exploring, especially since I have a number of other starships and vehicles I'd like to build.

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Love it, always thought about doing a scratch build 100t Type S Scout, but never seem to find the time with everything else I desperately want to build :)

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I did one of these from one of the old MPc Star Destroyer kits many years ago.


This is a MUCH better build.

Very nice!

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