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Tamiya 1/20 Mclaren Ford MP4/8

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Decided to get back into modelling as find it quite therapeutic and love making things. This is the first model I have made in over 10 years so taking some time!!


Found the Tamiya MP4/8 kit and the S27 Carbon decals on eBay.

Also purchased the photo etched kit which I'll use some of, a full set of decals and an old Tamiya driver & engineer set I'll try to incorporate


32635254087_0f2147d6e6_m.jpg 46662169085_4175f85259_m.jpg 47525031792_916ea9c2a8_m.jpg 




Here are some pics of my progress so far:















Managed to add some small valves to the wheels using some cut down rivets from the PE kit




32635254077_db0394377f_c.jpg  32635254297_5567ffa5b2_c.jpg

Still a lot more carbon work to do on the floor but not looking too bad!

Used BMF for the silver detail




Totally messed up the paint on engine cover with an orange bleed so currently sanding ready to start again 😥




That's it for now. Just need some spare time to get some more done!



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No harm at all in taking your time over it, particularly when the results are as good as this. And I know what you mean about modelling being therapeutic - I saw someone somewhere describe it as a  form of mindfulness (in that concentrating on getting that one little bit right pushes other things from your mind for a short while) and I would have to agree completely.

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...and the almost finished product...just some final details to add and the race engineer to complete 

Not too happy with the paint work but OK for first model in a long time!







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I would be well chuffed with myself if I turned out something to this quality.  Looks great and I like the extra little details, like the driver and screen, really adds to the model. 👏🏻


I look forward to seeing this in the RFI section. 

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