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Bristol Blenheim Mk.1 Interior colors and plans

pierre Giustiniani

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Hi Gents

I know the subject has been treated but i would like to know if someone can do a reliable synthesis for the colors of:

- Interior (cockpit, turret): Raf Grey-green.

- Undercarriage bay: Aluminium or Raf Grey-green ?

- Undercarriage : Aluminium/black or Raf grey-green/black

- Flaps (interior): grey-green.

for a Mk.1 or Mk.1f.

Do you know where i can find a plan with rivets lines (book, internet) ?

Thanks a lots

Best regards



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Hi Pierre,


Cockpit and fuselage interior for the Blenheim were finished in aircraft grey-green.    Bomb bay interior was grey-green also.  Not 100% sure about wheel wells and flap interiors but an educated guess would say grey-green as well.   That is how ARCO have finished their airworthy Mk I in any case - yes, I know not all restorations can be trusted as far as colours go :).


Undercarriage legs on the Mk I where painted black,  silver on Mks IV and V.


Hope this is of help.





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