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KC-130J Hercules - Harvest Hawk (USMC)

Romeo Alpha Yankee

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Managed some time on the Herc over the weekend, funny I made an update on Sunday night and it did not stick.


I have decided on a Harvest Hawk version using the Attack Squadron set. I will still need to scratch build some extras that were not included though.


Well it also looks like the images I uploaded to my Flikr account are also not there. I must have been dreaming an update on Sunday!

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OK, here is the photo update


Attack Squadron Harvest Hawk conversion



Hole cut for IR countermeasures equipment



and casing fitted



both sides done and windows filled


The tanks



It pays to read the instructions, I thought the rear part on the kit tank replaced the rear of the drogue unit. I merrily cut off the rear of the supplied drogue and did not realise my mistake until I was offering up the rear section to the resin forward section. So I had to glue it back together and find a kit tank to chop for the new tail. So it pays to actually read the instructions rather than look at the pretty pictures!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I managed to get most of the rescribing done on the other wing and horizontal stabs.


The cockpit is also installed. I am in the process of modifying the rear para door windows and getting ready to bring the fuselage halves together. No pictures at this stage.

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I managed some time on this beast.


The other wing is now scribed and engines attached. They still need to be fared in with some putty






The cockpit installed, I just painted it black as these days they are very dark for Night Vis goggle ops.



I also realised the forward cabin windows were not in the correct position for the 'J' so they were filled and new ones drilled in the correct(ish) locations



So next will be to tidy up the drilling and assemble the major parts.

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Not much to show in progress. The fuselage is together and I have puttied the seams, So much putty! Sanding and rescribing to follow.


I hope to progress this one in the next day or two.

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Pushing along, I have cleaned up the putty and installed the windscreen ( which turned out to be a nice fit)





Then I decided to assemble the Jen's Bits props with the aid of an OzMods prop jig





And then it was time for a test fit of the subassemblies



and with the other neglected C-130J-30 near the bench




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Thanks Julian,


Managed some work on it tonight,


I am using resin exhausts a mate made up, they look more correct than the kit supplied ones, just removed them from the pour stubs.



The sensor head was also removed form its pour stub



and fitted to the modified tank



and finally round 2 ( or was it 3) of puttying sanded and the wings and stabs glued to the fuselage



Some rescribing required after the next primer coat.


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  • 7 months later...

Decalling finally started, I also realised that there are few area I have to add a touch of paint such as intake lips and the ice detection strips near the wing tips.


The missiles were also giving me grief trying to glue small etch fins on them. So I am going to go for a set of less accurate ones from another kit.



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Slowly but surely, with 48 decals for the props and 8 on each Hellfire it is slow going, I have also been doing some detail paint and screwing up some touch ups.


2 sets of Hellfires here, a resin set that came with the attack Squadron conversion and a set from a Testers Apache, I am going with the latter as I could not get the forward etch fins on the resin ones with out a lot of frustration



Half way there with the prop decals



Almost ready for a flat coat



Hellfire rack attached to the wing




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Two steps forward...


I managed to spill a splash of SMS flat coat on the thing tip while flat coating and it decided to eat the paint. I had to repair it


But on the bright side the finish line is so close i can smell it!


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