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Luftwaffe Instrument Dial Decals 1:48, 1:32 & 1:24


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Luftwaffe Instrument Dial Decals

1:48, 1:32 & 1:24 Airscale




You'll probably all have heard of Airscale and their product range to help modellers that like to detail their cockpits in the shape of instrument dial decals, Photo-Etch (PE) parts and so forth, and if you've ever seen Peter's work, you'll also know that he's a perfectionist who always seems to be happy, which is a nice combination.


These new sets contain the same dial decals, in the three different scales where you can actually see instruments!  There are plenty of kits in each of these scales, and as you go up to 1:24, some of the kits are quite long in the tooth and will benefit enormously from some detailed dials in the cockpit.  Each set arrives in an almost identical ziplok bag with a card insert in the front, instructions on the back, and a sheet of decals behind them, covered in a sheet of translucent protective paper.  There is also a small sheet of transparent acetate for you to punch out lenses if you're so minded.  Each decal is printed with an individual carrier film, but cutting or punching them closely is recommended to remove as much of the clear overhang as possible in order to ease fitting the decal into its recess.  The instruments portrayed are as follows:




The coloured borders to some of the dials are provided as separate parts for ease of application, and these also have no carrier film in the middle, as you would hope.  The decals are printed by our friends at Fantasy Printshop, so quality, registration, colour density and sharpness are all good.  The example picture below shows the 1:24 sheet, but each of the other scales contains the same decals on a consecutively smaller sheet for obvious reasons.






I've used Peter's decals a number of times over the years, and they're brilliant.  You don't necessarily need them for every model you build, but when you do, they're an absolute boon and have ended many a frustration for me in the past.


Extremely highly recommended.

1:48 (AS48 GER)


1:32 (AS32 GER)



1:24 (AS24 GER)



Review sample courtesy of Peter at


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