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rob Lyttle

Lockheed Twins (and a CONNIE ) Civvies

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7 hours ago, rob Lyttle said:


Also, take a look at this, and can anyone confirm (or otherwise) that the plane is a Hudson, from the engine cowling or some such. 


Looks like a Ventura to me. The engines are too big for a Hudson. It also seems it has the longer tail cone. And it lacks the "passenger style" fuselage windows.



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The Hudson definitely has a single piece elevator.


If you go to our Walkaround section you will see my photos of the Hendon example. Not only is the elevator one piece, but the fuselage fairing underneath is hinged too.




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18 hours ago, busnproplinerfan said:

The small details that sneak up on you. Never knew there was a different tail. Airfix really did a screw up on the elevator hinge line. You're taking down the rivets a bit?

Not so fast, Busn! 

Looks like an ongoing mix up between Hudson and Ventura airframes that's causing errors in various references. 


Although, as Julien describes at length in the walkaround intro, the subject is far from a typical Hudson. 

Then again, there were 6 marks of the type. 

Anyway, I have done right by the L14 Tailplanes. 


Yes, much rivet removal has taken place! 

With the old silver plastic they tend to remain visible on the surface after they've been flattened. 

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Thanks for the steer, @malpaso.

I'm pleased to confirm that these images are definitely in the public domain... Taken in '42 and ©expired after 50 years. 




That's flak damage on the wing and flap. Bet they were glad to get home! 

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These can be confusing, didn't think the marks were so different, but I also don't know all the marks. Had two of these kits but sold them in favor of the Revell bird, maybe should've kept them. I want to eventually do the Lockheed twins line.

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There is progress with the Super Electra :







But there's a new kid on the block, and it's not a Twin....! 


It's a Box-scale kit (around 1.125) from 1958 or so. 

The ancient Revell Connie looks like it's constructed by Brunel, but after some considerable abrasion.... 



As you can see, I'm going for the big Fowler flaps on this. 


The crazy thing is, the original decals work perfectly!!! 

I made a scan of the sheet before cutting into it, but there was no need... 






Not bad for something that's nearly as old as ME!! 

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Tailplanes and fins need a little bit of attention....! 



Verticals in white, horizontals in foil, and curved de-icer boots in every direction. 





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The Connie has wings! 





Walkway lines are made with the decal border lines that feature on the Airfix transfer sheets, and the real tricky bit was getting the foil underside of the fuselage to make the almost-straight delineation with the white paint, just below the red decal stripes. 

And the wing fillets! 


The plan is to put her on a piece of runway that I made previously for a Caravelle. 

Mounted on a 3mm clear sprue post,  wheels down, flaps down and swooping in just before the tyres squeal on the tarmac. 





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What time I have for plastic bashing.... just not enough!.... I've got a few bits and bobs attached, like the wheels and doors etc. 

Most spent trying to make something of the engine cowlings /nacelles. 

Calling them "poor" is a kindness really. 

Cooling gills are wrong and in the wrong place.. 

No hint of exhausts. 

Bottom intakes look too short, and the top ones wrong at the front. 

Engine boss too small. Etc 

I'm not trying to make a "gold watch" here, but really I got to try and make something with what I have got. 






Trouble is, everything needs to be done 4 times or more. 

I'm still going with the idea of using the (enlarged) spinners with clear plastic prop discs. 


Tsk, it's a game, isn't it....??? 🙄

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This is the basic unit... 



Gills already removed, and holes drilled for the exhaust stubs. I've done 2 on each side, for want of better information. 

Engine boss blanks are punched... 



Bit of sanding round the front edge and glued on... 



That's a strip of Muller Corner pot curled and glued on the lower intake - I'll trim when dry. The side walls of the pot give a nice thin sample of styrene to work with. 

I'm going to leave the top intake and just do a paint job on it. 

I'm getting confusing info on cowling finish.... Either polished metal or the grey paint. 

Having tried the foil on one of them, it wasn't a great look, so I'm trying out with the paint finish. Looks like different airlines had different solutions on this, and I'm thinking if you have the wing top paint panels, you'd probably paint the whole thing. 


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This is the test run for a clear prop disc. 





I have a thicker sheet of clear, but I don't want to make a big deal of the feature. 

I measured off against the kit props and that's the result..... 

Does look quite big, but then she is a mighty plane! 


Trying to sort the spinners was a bit of a fiddly job until I realised the shafts could go in the cordless drill and be turned like on a lathe. 

Much better! 


Think I'll make 3 more of these and see how they look together. 

Thought about trying to ghost on some coloured bands around the edge of the disc but it's just going to look like painted rings. 

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The Lockheed L14 is coming along step at a time. 

Construction is done 





And I've decided on the finish.... 

Lockheed L14


I've robbed the decal sheet from the MPM Lodestar kit and I made the reg G-AFGL which is pretty close alphabetically to the airframe pictured. 



I peeled the foil off the cockpit roof and applied foil strip glazing bars 

The de-icing boots were a bit of a triumph. Having left them so late in the process, I tried a method that I've been pondering.... 

I sprayed a decent sized strip of decal paper with satin finish black rattle can and let it dry. 

Carefully measured up the wing and cut 2 slightly wedge shaped decals, and slid them on. 

Worked perfectly...! 


I'll definitely use the method again as a first choice. 

Lovely straight lines that have been cut with a knife, no masking or paint bleeding. 

The curved fins required a bit more effort in that I used a template (the MPM kit fin) to cut appropriately curved strips of decal to go on each side. 



Looking at more refs, I foiled the prop hub spinner bits and the blade fronts. 

The back of the blades are done in black. 



A couple of wheel chocks added after the balloon tyres got flat spots, and she's starting to look the part now. 

Can hardly believe she started out as an ancient Airfix Hudson!



Nearly there.... 😎

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