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Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

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2 hours ago, junglierating said:

Cor....Selwyn you got me all excited talking about EMRUs and ERUs.....start talking about mk6 no volts test set and you'll set me carts off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well I'll help you along until then......


AVO Mk.8 and 250V Wee Megger...........

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I was speaking to an old friend yesterday at work who was an line armourer on the FGA 9 Hunter during his RAF service, and I asked him about the  Hunter release units. He stated that the FGA 9 pylon release units were all ERU on this  mark, and he had never seen the EMRU equipped pylons.

 So, looking at the  photo evidence  it appears that  up to the F6  with the small drop tanks the aircraft used EMRU's, and The ERU pylons probably first appeared on the F6A  onwards,  and on the inboards especially with the large drop tanks (which is logical from the store jettison aspect). There may be some overlap of the F6/F6A marks, with some F6's being retrofitted with the later release units.


Another thing I spotted  on the diagrams posted was the Air Publication  (AP) number  in the top RH corner   in the format below:



AP 101B-            -1A     



From my experience of AP's this format of numbering suggests that the  AP is applicable to two Marks of aircraft. Without seeing the AP  front page title I speculate that the  "1301" probably  relates to the F6, "1301A" to the F6A which ties in with the photo evidence I have seen. 



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Well spotted Selwyn, the AP I scanned was a combined F.6/F.6A one.  It makes no definite distinction between the two as, like you say, some F.6s were retro-fitted with ERUs. 4FTS had a number for example. The FGA.9 picture is a little unclear. As you say it would make sense to have ERU-equipped inboard pylons with the big 230 gallon tanks coming along. Although some folk have stated that, because of the bracing strut, the big tanks were not jettisonable, they actually were - the strut was designed with a clever ball and socket connection at the wing end so it could disconnect and fall way if the tank was jettisoned. So an ERU would make sense to help shove that big tank away. There were plenty of FGA.9s with EMRUs on the outer pylon though so, as ever with Hunters, there are no hard and fast rules.

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