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Beriev R-1 Jet flying boat - 1/72 scale resin kit from ABM

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It isn't the best model I have ever made - but I'm calling it finished.....


The ABM resin kit of the Beriev R-1......




Powered by 2 X Klimov RD-45 (RR Nene copy) turbojets, it was Beriev's first attempt at a jet flying boat.




The Beriev OKB had lots of trouble getting the R-1 to become airborne - suction formed under the planing step and it took a long time

to cure the problem............




Making it's first flight in 1952, only a single R-1 was built and the project was terminated in 1956..




This is a superb resin kit from newcomer ABM - but due to my failing eyesight and fat fingers, I haven't done it justice.

The beaching gear is scratchbuilt.




The R-1 next to its slighly more successful big brother - the Beriev Be-10....




More photos here.





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14 minutes ago, Flankerman said:

I haven't done it justice

Great job .. Don't be so harsh on your efforts ,look good to me . 2 Jets we don't often see either, well done and thanks for showing us

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