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RS Models Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario

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Hi all, here's a set of RFI shots for the recently completed Re.2005.


I'm sort of pleased with it, in spite of the several slips and trips along the way. It has at least been a learning experience, so hopefully I shall avoid repeating some mistakes in future builds.


I deliberately held off going overboard with weathering this particular model, as I was concerned that the dark green top colour would have needed an awful lot doing to it in order to be noticeable. From what I have read these aircraft really came into the war too late to make much of a difference, so the amount of action they would have seen would not have caused much in the way of wear and tear.


In hindsight, I think the main headaches were from the fitting of the PE parts - some of them, such as the tail wheel doors and the aerial mast, I didn't bother fitting. I found that overall, the PE was more trouble than it was worth - just my opinion, of course! Other than that the kit itself was a nice build. The WIP can be found here, for your information and amusement should you so wish.


So with that, here's a few photos of the finished article:















Comments and criticisms all welcome :thumbsup2:


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Very nice model of a great looking aeroplane.


If I may suggest one thing: maybe add a pinwash to the hinge and panel lines to bring out the details?


Best regards 



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Thanks Peter.


I did try a pin-wash on the underside, but the panel lines were so shallow that the wash just came away almost entirely when I tried to wipe the excess away. I guess I decided that it wasn't worth messing it up by attempting the same on the top side, which is a much darker colour anyway. Maybe one day soon I will pluck up the courage to try it on a discrete area and see how it looks.

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