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Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.1 19 Sqn

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Good afternoon All.  Not my finest hour, lots of faults and not brilliantly made.  Airfix's A02010 Spitfiire MkI/MkII kit in 1/72 scale with Xtradecals 2008 Display Hawks decals, which include the 19 Squadron Spitfire to accomopany the 2008 19 Sqn 'SpitHawk' anniversary scheme.  As an aside, a chap I used to work with had been part of the arms inspection team who used to host the Russians when they can to carry out arms treaty confirmation checks.  Having spent time confirming with the 'guest' he was hosting that all the Hawks were merely trainers and all were unarmed, the hangar door was opened to reveal the camouflaged Hawk with 30mm gun pod and two underwing pylons.  He said the guest just turned to him with the biggest grin he has ever seen!


Anyway.  The stencils are Airfix decals, the roundels, serials and '19's from the Xtradecals set; they are all the Xtradecals set includes.  Eduard early RAF seatbelts and Yahu etch instrument panel help the cockpit, the landing light is a 2mm little lenses item and the early style pitot is scratch from some soldered copper wire.  One more out of the stash and on to the shelf.  I have just realised I haven't painted the wingtip nav lights; to be done later I think.










Thank you for stopping by to look.

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A big thank you for your kind comments.


Ref the shine, I used Xtracrylix satin varnish as the finishing coat.  The photos I found both on line and in the Osprey book showed the early pre-war aircraft very clean and with a slight shine.  19 Squadron were subject to plenty of press attention, being the first Spitfire squadron, so they kept their aircraft looking fairly spotless.  I may get around to the Tamiya Mk1 at some stage, and that one will be a BoB matt finished model... if I ever get it done!

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Not brilliantly made...?

Far too modest.  I have built one and there's no way I could post a thread on it here.

Especially now that this one has appeared.  That's neat as a pin.



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11 hours ago, Greg Law said:

That's a really nice early Spit. I liked your story as well. Goes to prove we did it too.

By the way what scale is it?

Sorry Greg, title and text updated - 1/72 scale.

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Thanks Dave I thought I was looking at the 1/48 for a while, but then the canopy glass looked a bit more like 1/72. So I started to wonder. Still it has to be a good model in 1/72 to make one think it is a 1/48. So well done.

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