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Hello! Here is my Fairy Kikaku 1:144 scale resin kit of the Breda Ba.65 A80 which I completed in 2017.

It represents 159-17 of 12º Gruppo, 159ª Squadriglia, Regia Aeronautica, North Africa, 1940-41.

It was quite a challange turning the lumps of resin into something resembling the Breda. The real make-or-break part of this kit was turning the ceiling fan that came in the bag into a propeller and one of my greatest satisfactions of this build. A couple of details were scratchbuilt from sprue.

The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. I managed to replace most of the awful decals and touched up those I had to use with paint. My only regret was that the only option offered wasn't one of the more attractive schemes but decals for Italian aircraft in this scale are hard to come by (and I can't make my own).


Many thanks for looking and comments are welcome






















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22 hours ago, Greg Law said:

I think you won that battle Miguel. Sounds like a very difficult model to say the least.

Right on both counts Greg. Many thanks.

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