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Haven't built a Bf 109 in a toooo long time. Now that @Corsairfoxfouruncle is building one Finnish post-war G-6 I couldn't help resisting anymore, I had to check the rules and sweet :coolio: Col. had indeed allowed neutral countries to be eligible, for the first and probably only time in these annual NATO-WP group builds, so quick conversation with the sensible half of my brains, then deafening its protests (too many builds, too little time etc.) lead me into posting this :yahoo:.

I do have a week before the Mosquito decals and masks arrive...

So let's build the kit 2/3 of my AZmodel joypack. A post-war Finnish Mersu, but not the same MT-505 Dennis is building. That'll save my stocks of war-era decals for the soon-to-be-here 1:72 Tamiya G-6:s 🤤

I'm off to my books to search for a prototype. If I find a suitable G-2, I'll do one for a change. V-P

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Well, I did.


This is MT-230 in Pori, autumn 1946. She flew until all remaining G-2:s were stored in June 1948. She got the "warpaint" in July 1944, so I assume they still had light blue paint for her lower surfaces, with olive green and black upper surfaces. Note rudder in RLM 74/75/76, previous tactical signs "0" shining through upper cowl and a painted over "3" between canopy and roundel. Now I'm all set, good to go! V-P

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Excellent! I'm glad every time I see this GB attracting new projects and particularly so when they as uncommon and interesting as this one :) 

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With the Mossie in its Gallery, it's time to roll up sleeves with the next one: the Mersu 😍.


Here's the AZmodel Joypack boxtop, some etch belts and a very busy pair of sprues, of which...


...not much will be left, when building a Finnish G-2!


Here's a pic of the instructions, and some of the InScale decals I'll be using for both this build, and later in the MT-422 G-6 in the Sharkmouth GB.


This Mersu will be G-2/R1 MT-230. It was delivered to 2nd Flight of Flight Squadron 34, 2./LeLv 34, 10.5.43. It was the last aircraft of the original 30 that Germany sold to Finland in 1943. In November -43 it was damaged in a landing accident, repaired and repainted in the Finnish warpaint scheme and assigned to 2./HLeLv 28 31.7.1944. The added "H" followed a new squadron naming system, H for a Fighter squadron. Post war, it was transferred to HLeLv 23 and finally in 19.6.1946 to HLeLv 13, in Pori. It was stored 1.6.1948 and written off in 24.3.1953. In LeLv 34 the plane was flown when the pilots were credited in shooting down 2,5 enemy aircraft.

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Right, the last day of March was the first build day of the Mersu. I started this morning where I was left in the pics in the previous post.


The wings are assembled, and the prop.


A lot of non-pictoresque painting and building took place, before I took pics of the to-be-hidden-forever cockpit. I'm happy with the IP. 


Added the photoetch seatbelts, and started assembling the fuselage...


...and wings, and the rudder insert.


Next I will need to do some filling and sanding. Don't we all love it? Thanks for your interest, V-P

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Filling - done

Sanding - done

Masking - done

Assembly - done, except

- rudder, must be painted separately first

- sand filter, likewise, to be added after fuselage is painted

- exhausts, to be added after fuselage is finished

- prop and spinner, to be added last


Some parts taped on for show purposes only.


Just to show you she's got legs, aileron balances etc.

Next stop - paintshop! V-P

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  • 3 weeks later...

Suddenly... Three weeks are gone and no updates?! Fortunately it's only the paperwork that's missing but the job is nearly done. Here's the last wip picture of her. I got the decals on this morning (2-pc roundels and 4-pc plane number, a real decalbash) and once they are thoroughly set and dry, I clean the excess MicroSet/Sol off and shoot some flat varnish. I've found out in a nasty way that Tamiya rattle can flat and those decal solutions aren't buddies! Then it's just removal of those home made canopy masks and new pics for the gallery. I didn't plan this build or my participation in this post-WW2 GB for my 2019 but I'm glad @Corsairfoxfouruncle inspired me to hop on 🙂

Thanks to Col. for hosting and Enzo M for running the circus, excellent people you are 👍.

Best regards, V-P



Oh edit! One thing I like to show you, is the mask I used for "overpainting" the older national insignia with grey.


They are the surrounding bits of 1:72 Mosquito wheel hub masks from an Eduard set. I never throw those leftovers in thrash bin and here's an example why not.



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