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A.W.Seahawk West German Navy.1957/58.

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Hi folk's,

Last build for this GB and sticking with the Naval theme with Hobbyboss Seahawk in 1/72,this was not planned as such,it was not the boxing pictured

on King Kit's site but that's turned out well as not often do we see this scheme on show and it sit's well with the Sabre in German colour's built for the 60's

NATO/Warpack GB a while back.Box art for now while I read up on the Aircraft's German service.



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9 minutes ago, modelling minion said:

Good choice Steve, the Seahawk is one of those aircraft that just looks right and Marineflieger markings just make it all the better as far as I'm concerned.

Yea Craig I was dissapointed when it arrived now but like the idea of the W.German scheme,in the box was a white metal seat which must have been 

put in by the original owner.

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4 hours ago, Col. said:

You're 'plodding along' well there Steve :thumbsup:

Cheer's Col,just putting the finishing touches next couple of session's hope toget in gallery soon.

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Hi folk's last one before the gallery.Added the various arial's etc and ran a pinwash into the panels(still to remove excess from the underside's

u/c door's goingonlater then a matt coat.



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10 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Looks excellent Steve, the markings seem to have gone on really well and suit the colour scheme very nicely indeed,

Cheer's Craig,i wish the model companies would get away from these one piece molded nose wheel's though it makes painting a chore other than 

that a very enjoyable build!

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Love the end result, the Seahawk tends to get ignored which is a shame. It was a capable jet for it's time and, in Marinefliger markings, very good looking too.



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