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CA-17 Mustang Mk.20 - “Fresh from Fishermen’s Bend”

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Hope you’ve all enjoyed the first Formula 1 GP for 2019. Just before the race started I took some proper photos of my most recent kit completion, which unlike the other three builds I’d been working on has thankfully made it this far. 


Long story short, a group of four like minded modelling mates decided that we all needed to clear the cobwebs a bit and motivate each other to get a kit completed. We decided to build similar kits and chose Tamiya’s still quite serviceable 1/48 P-51 Mustang (3 x P-51D’s and 1 x B). We started the kits together on the same day and sent each other text updates on our progress each Sunday. 


I did change my scheme mid-way through the build and stupidly had to re-fill the pre-drilled underwing rocket stub holes I did. Overall however, it was a relative stress free build which was what we were all hoping for. 


So here’s my version of this mini Mustang Group build. Titled “Fresh from Fishermen’s Bend”, it’s my take on CAC’s first of 200 CA-17 & 18 Mustangs built for the RAAF (80 & 120 respectively). The CA-17 was based on the early D model and I made slight modifications to the kit by adding - early Mk.III gunsight instead of the later K-14A (pinched from a Spit), filled and drilled the kits squared aperture K-6 gun camera to make the rounded K-4 type and filled two of the three underwing nav lights to leave just one ‘white’ light (common to all CAC produced Mustangs). I also ended up using a spare Airfix 1/48 canopy as the two part kit example is not the greatest (this still needs the internal curved brace - whoops I forgot that!). 


Paints used were Humbrol 101 for the interior RAAF Cockpit Green, Gunze C352 Zinc Chromate Yellow for the main wheel well and a combination of AK Interactive Extreme metals (K479 Polished Aluminium and K481 Aluminium) for the Natural Metal bits. Decanted Tamiya AS-12  Airfarme Silver was used on the main wings, rudder and elevators as these areas were painted silver.


Thats enough chatter I think, so here’s some photos..


Cheers, all comments welcomed.. Dave


























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That's a real eyecatcher Dave,beautiful smooth finish in a rare scheme, it's still a cracking kit despite it's age Tamiya's Mustang as has been shown here.

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11 hours ago, Baldy said:

I guess this kit is a classic now but still looks good!

As the original moulds are around 25 years old, you could certainly place it the 'Classic kit' category, although the fit in most places is that good you wouldn't believe it!  

10 hours ago, Farmerboy said:

what did the other 3 turn out like?

Strangely enough I'm the first to finish, although my mate Shane should be wrapping up his 357th FG build in the next few days. Dave (aka Boris) is still waiting for canopy masks and Martin is stalling with correcting the wheel well - although that's finished and he's done a good job of it. I'll try to take a photo of all four once we finish and get back together.


Thanks for all the kind comments guys, it's always nice to read these first thing in the morning when you've got another day off and plan to do more modelling... as the 1/48 Airfix Sea Fury leaps out of the stash and says "Please Start Me!!". 


Cheers.. Dave 

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My (older) car is from Fisherman's Bend!!


That is an especially nice, clean finish you've achieved on that model.





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