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MiG-25RU "Foxbat C" - 1:144 Academy/Minicraft

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Here is my 1:144 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25RU "Foxbat C" which I built back in 2006.

It's a home-made conversion of the Academy/Minicraft kit of the "Foxbat A" into a two-seater "Foxbat C". The second canopy (the front one) came from a scrapped Revell MiG-25.

Apart from obviously making the second cockpit, and actually making little cockpits (there is none in the kit), I had to reshape the nose and I was very pleased I got it right. Unfortunately, the Acad./Mini. canopy has the wrong shape being too tall and short. I tried to get it closer to shape by sanding it and polished it afterwards. The Revell canopy was more accurate just being a bit too low.

Otherwise, I corrected the wing fences, the inner ones being completely replaced and the outer ones sanded lower. The wingtip pods were also reworked. Other details were also thinned, reworked or added.

The kit was fully painted by brush with only varnish being applied by airbrush. The bort number came from my decal spares box with the stars were those of the kit itself.


Thank you for looking. All comments are welcome.




















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10 hours ago, RMCS said:

Great job 


8 hours ago, ajmm said:

Evil looking thing! Superb work. 


3 hours ago, exdraken said:

Great conversion work!!

Well done on the canopies!



Thank you very much!


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