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Paper Real Space Models

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Do you build paper real space models?  Just out of curiosity, I’ve been perusing the available paper models offered on the link below.  Some, apparently, are free of charge some are not.   The choices are extensive and appear very detailed.  Some are quite complicated.  Unless I’ve overlooked it, there doesn’t seem to be a price list, just an opportunity to donate.  Anyone had any experience with AMX Paper Space Models?





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8 hours ago, TallBlondJohn said:

And there are some AMX builds on Paper Modelers, might be worth asking there?



Thanks for the link, John.  I have done some trawling on the Web but that one got by me.   Over 80,000 members and that certainly says something about interest in paper modelling.  Not sure I need another hobby/interest/pastime to distract me from plastics—I have yet to complete a build on BM—but my curiosity about this hobby is running pretty high at the moment.   How I got there has something to do with a Revell 747/shuttle kit I recently bought but I needn’t get into that.  


Have a a look in the gallery on this gent’s site to see some pretty amazing paper models.  He seems to have mastered the art quite well.  This is the sort of thing that distracts me—easily done—from plastic kits.  


I’ll contact Mr Moreno and ask a few questions about his models.  Just out of curiosity you understand.




Cheers, and thanks



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I built a paper saturn V a few years ago for my daughter's school  project (she did get involved... sort of) It ended up pinned to the wall of her classroom for over a year. I used this link http://jleslie48.com/gallery_models_real.html


The one big tip is - use heavy weight paper. I used cheap photocopier paper & the 1st stage had slightly buckled walls. having said that, the quality of the model you can create is astounding & it's good fun. If you mess a bit up, you just have to reprint it. 

You might want to test the water with something a bit simpler first. My first attempt was the Ares I (also available on the same site), you can knock this up in an evening & I promise you will not be disappointed.

Paper model of Saturn v


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