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Combat Drone mecha

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To make my combat mecha, take one Kimaris kit ( see fist picture) throwaway the instructions, remove all the parts from the runners, then put things together as you like.


Nearly all of this build is from the Kimaris kit other than, the head is from a 1/20 Ma.K figure, and a few bits from Barbatos, SD Wing and a NG Zaku. Just need to sort the feet out and some sort of gun is in order I think.














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On 3/14/2019 at 10:32 PM, Hunter Rose said:

Whoa! He's going to be cooking up soldier shish kebabs with that! 

Lol, some one at a club meet did say it looked like an umbrella... 


Decals and most of the weathering done just a bit of streaking to do I think. 



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