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Mister Craft Hobby Kits 1:24 1950 Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta'

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Here is one of my current work in progress builds. A bit of a "retrospective" post over the past few montsh, as It's been sitting on my shelf of doom for over a year....

A Mister Craft Hobby Kits, 1:24 1950 Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta'

First of all, what can I say, but the kit is pretty shocking in quality. It seems to be a reboxing of an old Smer Kit.

Obligatory Box & Sprue shot:



And the sprues (not many parts!)


Rather basic engine, slapped together:



And painted  and cylinder head covers chromed using a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen


The kit wheels are shocking quality, basically two parts, with a clear disc with "spokes" moulded in:



However, I did find some spare "alloy" rims from an earlier build, which were a good fit with a bit of fettling:



Dry fitted:



And painted!



The nose cone is lacking in detail...



But I had some spare woven wire mesh from an earlier build. So a quick modification later:


And some wire mesh popped in. Still to tidy up the aperture:


And here we are so far (as of last Saturday). A bit of a basic kit, but should look OK with a bit of work...



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Yep... the Alfa and Talbot Lago are the two Merit “Superkits”... ie they have engines, rather than an empty body shell. That said, the shapes are good, and very little they did has been reproduced in a more modern version, except possibly by MFH or Profil24 at great expense. If you want a DB3S or Lotus  XI then Merit is what there is... Good article here:






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Lol, I got nowhere near getting the body shell primed & painted.

Instead I gave myself more grey hair by modifying the kit radiator with some woven wire mesh.....

Kit radiator:


Cut the radiator section out, and drew a template for some wire mesh:


Wire mesh test fitted, will need some method of securing it neatly...


trim made from some jewellery beading wire, glued in place on the front:




Mesh was fitted, then a trim was made for the rear as well. Some superglue / microballoons were used for a filler between the edge of the wire, and the edge of the plastic...


And here is what the radiator looks like, dry fitted. Should look OK once painted 🙂



Certainly better than the kit radiator...

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Gosh, I've only gone and finished it! Will upload some WIP pictures at a later date. But basically all I did was carve the moulded nose cone out, replace it with some wire mesh. Same with the radiator grille.
Body was airbrushed in Tamiya flat red acrylic, then glossed with 2K clear gloss.

48093700588_f100d53015_c.jpgIMG_2003 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr

48093663081_07c093c06c_c.jpgIMG_2016 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr

48093700008_96bb468ced_c.jpgIMG_2022 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr

Not a bad result from a very very basic kit... :-)

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