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Paasche air eraser...how does it work?

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Hi all, I tried using an ancient, but never before used Paasche air eraser today, both with the Paasche Aluminium hydroxide powder and with recommended baking soda.  But all I got, even on the big compressor pushing 50 psi was a little tiny patches of clean brass (trying to remove fire scale) and with the soda, nothing at all.  In the end I made up some new pickle from hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar and left the pieces for an hour or so till the pickle went slightly green then scrubbed them with Vim , which did at least give them an all over shade of brassy yellow, if a little irregularly.

Has anyone used one of these mini grit blasters?  If so, how does it work?  What's the screw on top of the air tight lid for?  Why does it have a central tube in the pot? 

I also need a push button for it as I robbed it for my Model H years ago (I got them in a deal from Microcraft in Diss, Norfolk years ago.  I looked on their website and find that the air erasers on there don't have the screw that stops the press button going too far.  Mine HAS a hole for such a screw, so now I don't know if I can get suitable spares!


I'd appreciate any anecdotal or real info on this potentially useful tool.  I never did try it on illustrations as I always used CS10 lineboard, rather than drawing film!

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