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Huey Argentinian owned British captured Inf. required

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The challenge for visitors to the Army Flying museum is to find the serial number (ZE410) painted on the fuselage of AE-335. Its not easy as it is in dark grey on a background of a slightly lighter grey!

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On 11/10/2020 at 1:40 PM, Doc72 said:

Slightly off-topic: Can anyone tell me if there were any problems operating these captured helicopters due to the fact that the paperwork (logbooks and so on) were probably not captured? I suppose that for safe operations and maintenance you want to know how many hours the airframe and the engine have logged so far and when they have to be inspected or exchanged.

For the Puma, the aircraft had a full rebuild and the rotables were all replaced.  If I recall correctly, the Puma had no set airframe fatigue life limit.  This was probably due to the design of the main structural items, and the replacement of most of these "on condition" at Major.  





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