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Hi Folks,


Aile Strike is my fav. Gundam. I'n not a huge Seed series fan but Aile Strike look always fantastic to me. I've buil the mg version before. 

Now its the time to start the beast :)























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I cant undersand bandai sometimes. This kits price is almost 120 dollar. But bandai put stickers :) shame on you bandai, shame on you :) 

I hneed to buy waterslide decals for my 120 dollars perfect grade kit.


and look at the plastic quality... need sanding and putyy...









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That is nice.

The stickers irritate me with Bandai too.


They have redeemed themselves with the full armour add on I am currently building as that has a huge waterslide sheet with it.

So much nicer than the sticker that came with the original kit.

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