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VW type 2 pick up truck kit measurements wanted

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I have a VW Samba T2 model and have a whim to build it as a custom crewcab pickup.

That's lowered, wide wheels and three or four doors.

Does anyone have the Hasegawa pickup kit?


What I'm after is some measurements such as the height of the bed from the sills/wheelarches etc.

Also the length and height of the dropdown side/rear panels. And how big are the vents above the wheelarch?

How many ribs are on the pickup bed?

Or, does anyone have a scrap/shelf of doom/built but unloved one they want to sell on?



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Hi Pete,


ribs - 30 on the bed and 15 on the backside of the cabine

Sidepanel - 16,5 x 107,5 mm

Backpanel - 67mm on the top and 70mm on the bottom

Vents - 11x1mm

Bed height 23,5mm from the soll's and 15mm from the arches.

Hope it helps


Marco F.


I also send a message to your yahoo-adress

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You have both been of great help and I can't wait to get started on this one.

It's been years since I built a Custom car!

Marco, I got the email and very many thanks for your kind offer.



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On 2/28/2019 at 10:11 PM, spaddad said:

but only got a page of flikr blurb?

Most odd, I get straight there. You'll have to wait for the WIP! 😀

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