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Recently finished the little Hobbyboss Easy-build F84E. 

It still baffles me how they can make, ship and retail these items for £6 and the LMS guy can make a living...! 

I did this one in foil. 

The Academy plane I've had a while, and it's painted. I thought the very fine etching might be lost under the foil. 

Turns out I had nothing to worry about on that score. 

Academy plane got the HB rockets underwing, and donated the bombs to the HB. 

The rockets were a bit of a pain to get together. The HB front uc leg was way too short and I have a suspicion the wingtip tank flanges are oversized. 

Decals were super, and the kit is a miracle of moulding and production. 

Don't remember ANY issues with the Academy kit. 


Hobbyboss first.... 

HBoss F84E Thunderjet




HBoss F84E Thunderjet









Academy next... 

Academy F84E




Academy F84E




Some more together... 





HBoss and Academy F84E




Great looking plane, much better looks than the swept wing Thunderstreak, but very first - generation jet. 

Some say it was called the "groundhog", being reluctant to get off the ground. 

But if you hang bombs on the wings like that, what do you expect...!! 

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