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Hurricane IIc, 213 Sqn, Western Desert (1/72)


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Good evening!

My latest model and the first in a series of three Hurricanes: a IIc of 213 squadron in the Western Desert. As you can see, the a/c carries just two cannons. This seems to have been almost a standard configuration for the Hurricane IIc in the Mediterranean. As long as they were still used in the daytime air-to-air role, agility was more of a concern for the Hurricane than firepower.

I used the Revell kit and Tamiya paint. This is not the best kit I have seen so far, but with some work it turned out ok.


Thanks for looking and every comment welcome!














Brothers in arms. Which one would you have preferred as a pilot? (Yes, I know - a Spitfire, please...)





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Thanks Martin. The Revell kit has nice panel lines, but the surface detail on the fuselage behind the cockpit that simulates the fabric-skinned fuselage is wrong. It is hard to explain. I just decided to hide it with filler. There is also a problem with the canopy, which should overlap the fuselage behind the pilot a bit on the real thing. On the Revell kit the canopy just ends flush with the bulkhead. And fit was bad especially around the radiator.


The Kittyhawk was made from the AZ (or Legato) kit. I have already shown it in this forum, back in 2016, but it makes a nice comparison to the Hurricane because both actually served at the same time in the same theater wearing the same paint scheme (my interpretation of Dark Earth changed a bit though).

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Lovely job. Always take a Hurricane though. In the words of one BoB veteran (maybe have been Tom Neil but I forget), "It was made of redundant parts. Every part got shot out from under me at least once but it always brought me home."

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18 hours ago, dogsbody said:

That looks great and the little diorama is a sweet touch. Nicely done.


One little quibble, though. You didn't paint the yellow on the prop tips.





Actually, I thought about that. But on the original photo no yellow tips are visible. It might be the light conditions or the angle, but I took it as an excuse!

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