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Victor Frankensteins

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So, just before Christmas I accidently ended up with two Revell/Matchbox Victors and a load of resin and PE.


...and now it is time to do something about it.


I'm going to do one OOB, then start the other once I know what I'm letting myself in for.


The configuration of Victor#1 will depend on how clean I can get the intakes to look. If they are OK it will have crew in, flaps down. If they are "mince" I'll make FOD covers and do it with the door open and the ladder down.


First up. Remove the comedy ejector pin marks out of the intakes.




Next buy a new Work in Progress crate for the damn thing.




I have a feeling I'm going to be in this for the long haul.

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Moment of Truth! Joining the wing halves whilst keeping everything lined up.


I noticed that there should be a small inlet on the outside of the intakes that I'll have to drill at a later date. Hence the black paint.


Also, I decided to get a base coat of colour on prior to all the filling and sanding, hopefully this will make my life easier at a later stage.




Thing seem to be lined up OK.




I have however got cramp from holding it for half an hour. Every time I let go the wheel well springs apart and my pegs aren't long enough.





One down. One to go... but not tonight.

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2 minutes ago, Harry_the_Spider said:

Foolishly I did the other one too. 


This post was typed one-handed.

You'll be typing with your feet by tomorrow....!!

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Now you see 'em...




Now you don't.




Fit of fuselage, canopy and wings to fuselage are OK.




...and the horrible intakes cleaned up OK. I stopped sanding at this point for fear of breaking the vanes.






Next up I need to fill the trenches in the wing leading edges which are a truly horrible fit.




I'm definitely getting my £15 worth of fun from this though.


Not sure when I'll start on Victor#2 though as Victor#1 is taking up so much time and space. My wife hasn't said anything yet, but if a second one should suddenly "appear" there may be comments made.


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I have to say that this is starting to wear me down now. Every single joint requires attention. Special mention should be made for the airbrakes. So bad was the fit that Revell printed the dreaded "trowel" symbol in the instructions.






However, ignoring all the self pity I'm convinced that a reasonable model is lurking behind all of the filler and bad language.


Best crack on!



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The only bit that fits is the wing into the fuselage, and when I do Victor #2 with the resin wing I'll be cutting that part off!


Can't get over how massive this thing is. I grabbed a few out of the box for comparison.




Also, building this has lead me to buying a couple of rather fascinating books. 








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This is really good work. I remember making the Matchbox green and grey plastic one back in the Middle Ages, for some reason I never noticed any of the gaps 😂

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Filling and sanding pretty much done, but I've run out of primer.




I have to say, for all of its faults it is the best £15 I've spent on a kit.


I just need to think of somewhere to put it.

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Looking good! But then Victors always do don't they.


Yes, I have one of these, I made her a couple of years ago but thought it was a pretty good kit, though I haven't made the Airfix B2 yet, that's still in the stash, along with another Revell K2 to do in hemp.







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Did I miss whether you had a scheme lined up?



I've got another in the stash that will be camo. Was going to do them side by side, but on reflection that wouldn't be much fun. Will do something small and easy next then build myself up to do the other later in the year. I've got a load of resin and etch for that one. 

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Pre-shade and first coat of Humbrol Hemp on. Was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't awful. 


Added some detail (fences?) inboard of the intakes and a few aerials.


Will do the finish coat and get rid of the mess that I made sanding a thumb print off when I next get a free hour or so... in the Winter.




Put it with a couple of friendlies for scale and to keep it company.

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After 9 months of this thing staring down at me from a perch on a stack of bodyboards piled on top of a wardrobe like some sort of malevolent bat I thought that it was time to do something about it.


I got it down and blew all of the dust and fluff off and applied several metres of masking tape. Tomorrow it gets paint and a covering of clear prior to decals along with the Tempest V that has made it to this stage in a fraction of the time.


This thing is chuffing massive. No clue what I'll do with it. It will probably end up back on a stack of bodyboards piled on top of a wardrobe 😕







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