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Factory camouflaged RLM 79 desert yellow He-111s?

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Is it possible that some He-111Hs were intended for desert use and received factory camouflage of RLM 79 instead of standard RLM 70/71?


Thanks in advance

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This isn't a simple question.  Early German aircraft intended for Africa received the early yellow version of RLM79 but not at the factory.  Later aircraft had the later hazelnut RLM79 and this was painted on at the factory - at least for Bf109s as some of them were delivered directly to the Eastern Front.   Just exactly what happened when to which He111s I don't know but I'm sure I've seen profiles of examples in the desert colours, perhaps with some form of camouflage added.  As with all profiles, beware.  As the He111 played a minor role in North Africa (torpedo-bombers excepted, but they retained greens) I suspect that examples were few and with the early colours.   Other opinions may differ.


PS Photo of S7+ZA in Kookaburra's Luftwaffe Camouflage and markings vol.2.  Single colour uppersurfaces with white rear fuselage band and wingtips

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Most luftwaffe aircraft that entered the mto theater arrived in European colours and were repainted using Italian colours. The rlm 78,79,80 colours were not readily available in theater until the arrival of the bf 109 f-4/g-2 This is what Micheal Ullman's says in his  Luftwaffe colours book





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However, since that publication Ken Merrick has found evidence that the German aircraft were actually painted in German colours in Germany before transfer to Italy and then North Africa.  In his 2-volume work for Classic he includes this evidence with samples of the original colours, as well as well as the later standardised ones.  It was Ken Merrick who originally suggested that the early German aircraft in the theatre were repainted in theatre, in Italian colours, something that has since been accepted as if gospel.

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