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Hairspray Chipping Help

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Can anyone help me with my failed attempts at this please? 

Why when I gently touch the surface with water, leave for 2-3 mins, then gently touch with a brush/toothpick etc. I go straight through the top coats, the hairspray and the "primer" colour to the primer itself?

I am leaving the item between coats for a day to cure, I have watched hours of Youtube videos to see where I might be going wrong, the only thing I can think it could be is that the hairspray coat is too thick?

The hairspray I'm using is Silvikrin classic maximum hold if that makes any difference.

I would add a photo but the post won't accept the URL link.


thank you


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I spray a coat of clear gloss over the "primer", the clear coat is harder than regular paint and resistant to the moisture for longer so it acts as a barrier protecting the "primer" whilst allowing the topcoat to be worn away, I also use a child's toothbrush rather than anything more aggressive, works well, but the technique needs some practice!



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Hi Christian, as your a newbee, a quick tip?  Anything related to ANY type of modelling your best friend is YouTube!!  There are hundreds and hundreds of modellers that have put just about any answer to any question you can possibly think about on video format  and take you step by step through the process, far better than trying to understand what somebody has written on paper...……..chipping with salt topics number in excess of 20 and still counting, you will find this extremely helpful, but, be careful?  You can spend an awful lot of time on here by being side-tracked to other topics.


Heres one video to help you out



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