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Hello everyone 👋 

It’s been a while since I suggested anything for a Group Build.


I’m not sure if it has been done before, but I’m just floating the idea of an Arctic and Antarctic themed Group Build.


Here they are, first the Antarctic;




then Arctic Circle:




I’m a geographer; more than anything else on Earth these regions have always fascinated me. 


The extreme conditions, the history of humankind’s efforts to reach the poles. To travel across the Arctic and Antarctica. To set up bases, perform research in the most incredibly challenging conditions.


Stories of bravery, of tragedy, of geopolitical strategic military planning, of trade routes, of climate and change.


I thought this a good subject as it would encompass vehicles, aircraft, Icebreakers, Barques, figures in terms of explorers, structures in terms of settlements. Why not even indigenous flora and fauna? If someone would like to make a model of a Polar Bear; yes! By all means.


In terms of civil aircraft my only limit would be that to just fly on a normal air corridor above the poles would not be enough; any aircraft would need to be directly linked to the Poles, by airbase, by regular deliveries to the poles, of walking and non walking cargo.


I’m open to all (polite) suggestions, this idea certainly isn’t fully formed. If anyone would be interested in co-hosting, that would be most welcome!


Get your parka and snowshoes on, let’s get chilly and brainstorm the Polar regions for a creative and inclusive Group Build.


🏔️ ☃️ :cold:


Best regards


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