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The finally finished HKG B-17 1/32 (new pics page 2)

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9 hours ago, Angelo M. said:

it's not an Italian tradition, but I'm not so good at painting the faces of the figures, so I put a mustache to mask the mouth and lips, sometimes I even add sunglasses.

And I thought it was Clark Gable!


I haven't seen many of those huge HK B-17s built, but yours is a brilliant work of art, Angelo.  The detail work is simply amazing.







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Angelo, that is quite simply breathtaking 




Every time I look at the pictures, I see something I missed the first time.


Congratulations on an outstanding piece of modelling 


cheers Pat

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- What a tremendous job...!!!!! so many details.......It could be used as an instructionnal model....It deserve to stand in a museum.......e  veramente fantastico.....!!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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