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Tornado Farewell Flypast RAF Cosford 19/02/19

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Hi guys and gals,

So today I went up to RAF Cosford to see the Tornado flypast as a part of the Tornado Farewell, so after enduing a 45 minute traffic jam I was able to park up next to the football fields near the train station and I walked over towards the Museum. The amount of people present was mad!! I grabbed a couple of photos of the aircraft on the tarmac that had been putout for the fly-by:

33275328598_4bf759246c_b.jpg20190219-04.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

32208631077_6297dec0eb_b.jpg20190219-05.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

40185669343_9bf27e9f51_b.jpg20190219-06.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

47150643481_8dd2a4fd93_b.jpg20190219-07.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

Anyways I decided to head back towards the Hunter gate guardian thinking that the Tonkas would fly down the runway line. Once I found a place I got a few more photos of the Tornados on the tarmac whilst waiting for the fly-by:

40185661033_47541c4529_b.jpg20190219-01.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

40185662873_2bee4e0f3b_b.jpg20190219-02.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

32208628387_2915e97d13_b.jpg20190219-03.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

And then it happened! The three ship formation flew in from over the railway station and banked over the museum (not quite matching my initial thoughts) and I managed to grab some shots of the aircraft, unfortunately there was only one of the special marking birds, but never less is was an awesome sight! 

47098303102_d4cd1bf140_b.jpg20190219-16.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

47150648081_23a6b64499_b.jpg20190219-11.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

33275346138_2d6a9ec440_b.jpg20190219-13.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

47098284432_ee8e52e9b4_b.jpg20190219-09.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

40185676973_4c124583ee_b.jpg20190219-10.jpg by Neal, on Flickr

And then they were gone!! All over in a few seconds and the last time I shall see a Tornado flying in RAF service, a sad time for me as I love the Tonka!! I can remember sitting in one as a child when my grand parents took my to a show at the NEC in the late 80’s or early 90’s, it was probably a mock up but this awesome machine in wrap around grey/green camo made me fall in love at first sight! 

So farewell Tonka and thank you for helping the RAF boys and girls keep us safe for the last 40 years!! 

47098710512_d3bfa8dd3d_b.jpg20120617-558 by Neal, on Flickr 
Photo taken at the RAF Cosford Airshow in 2012 when the Tornados were doing a role demo!


Thanks for looking! 

Happy modelling,


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Thanks for sharing, Neal. I would have loved to have seen them, but unfortunately I'm working away at the moment. 


I hope that everyone who gets the opportunity savours the moment.😉

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Makes you think what happened to the recently painted green “n” grey aircraft.



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55 minutes ago, speedy said:

Makes you think what happened to the recently painted green “n” grey aircraft.


According to RAF Marham Twitter all three of the special scheme jets should be doing the Scotland leg of the farewell tour today.

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