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Bandai Luke's Snowspeeder 1/48

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Hi, I am new to this forum so I am starting in the middle of my WIP. It took me weeks to find references to the Snowspeeder cockpit and building it. I think all visible parts in 'making of' pictures of the movie and inside the movie itself should be quite accurate. All other parts is guesswork be me and Bandai itself - it seems to me.


I like making the details of the tiny cockpit with a tiny brush. A shame nobody will see it after it is finished. Like in the AT-ST this will almost be half or 1/3 of the build time...


This is my reference for the outside: http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=2405






Luke and Dak







All inside the fuselage with the first layer of paint Mr Hobby Aqueous Colors. 2 parts H11 (Flat White) and 1 part H51 (Light Gull Gray)

Its a little bit brighter than it looks in the photos, but the next layer will have more white.







Thanks for feedback. Not only at my work, but also if the WIP format ist ok. Are the photes too large or too small?


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On 2/19/2019 at 12:19 AM, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Hello Gemini...:post1: from Chicago USA. Very good work so far keep it up.👍 





Here are 3 more photos with the same state as above, but with the protected cockpit. It was never so easy to protect a cockpit than for this speeder. It will also be very easy to weather it with this large empty plates... On the bottom side there are some color differences on the seams, because I painted them separately. The next layer corrected that (pictures further below).

I think without the parts and large guns on the wings it looks pretty bland - or even ugly.






Completed the main colors on all the parts. Now I like the bottom, but the top is still not the prettiest design in this build state.

I had to repaint it sometimes because the colors were still too dark. Now I think it´s ok, but the preshading on the top is almost gone.



(Protective cap for the cockpit)



And the decals. I used only the small red marks.




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Thanks for the kind words.


I was not sure if I sould wash it first or if I should add the datails like scratches and chippings, but finally decided to do the latter first.

So I am going from armor plate to armor plate and adding the scratches and chippings like in the reference pictures over and over again until I think I got averything accurate. Most of them are handpainted in multiple layers. Only few are random with the sponge technique.

Also I am adding dirt with the Tamiya Wheatering Master B-Kit. The bottom is almost done. I am still adding an changing things. But I have just startet with the upper side.










Like mentioned above, this is very early WIP.



So I have to finish the top side and additional parts, varnish it and wash it.


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I thought everything was done and I was a little bit surprised when I removed the protective tape inside the cockpit to find more details to paint I almost forgot.



The rest of the photos shows the assembled and finished model without the glass which I am going to use.




















I painted the base with a white color but I am starting tests with snow effects...

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13 hours ago, StevenBills said:

That looks great! I have this kit in my stash, and I know how small it actually is, but your painting and photos make it look much, much larger! Well done!



Thanks a lot! When it looks larger than it is, then I have done most things right. I actively try to achive that goal. Bandai´s details are helping a lot, but I also try to paint it exactly like the much larger studio models. So theoratically it should look a bit like them when you have no background or obscure it with close ups. But I have so much to learn.




I have problems with the base. I bought a pack of "snow effects" from a hobby shop. The snow is looking good on a test plate, but in combination with this model it doesn´t look right. Maybe it´s the wrong scale. I don´t know. I think it´s intended for train diorama. Has somebody experience with snow? I only want a smooth blanket of snow. No rocks or anything. I tend to try Tamiya or Vallejo snow next...

Tamiya 100ml Diorama Texture Paint Snow White # 87119

Tamiya 100ml Diorama Texture Paint Powder Snow # 87120

Vallejo Weathering Effects 40ml - Snow # 73820


Any chances one of them will work out or any other recommendations? Thanks.

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23 hours ago, Wulf said:

How exactly did you do the chipping/scratches? It looks awesome!



For this model I handpainted most of them with a tiny brush (10/0). The metallic scratches are made:

1) Painting an irregular dark grey colour "Vallejo Model Air 71.048 Engine Grey" on an edge or panel line.

2) Adding "Vallejo Metal Color 77.707 Chrome" as close as possible to the edge of the first colour without mostly reaching it. The dark line should be as thin as possible and irregular. If it is too thick it looks comic-like. But it should be a bit alternated. After some varnishes the chrome looks a bit more dull but still metallic. I love "Dull Aluminium 77.717" but in the end it lost too much of the metallic touch.

3) Sometimes I added white higlights.



This can also be done inside the panels but it has the best effect on edges.


For some other chippings inside the panels I used the sponge technique with the dark base colour and then I added the handpainted filling (chrome or an almost white colour on the dark hull plates). Sometimes I use only the sponge without handpainting details.


This is a very controllable but slow technique.

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Hi Gemini,  This is an amazing build ! and most definitely inspired me to try my hand at building one.  I have a question on the figures, did you make these yourself or modify an existing one ? Or do they come with one of the kits ? 

Thanks mate for any info you have, and thanks for the inspiration, this is amazing! 

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1 hour ago, Mark Szeman said:

Hi Gemini,  This is an amazing build ! and most definitely inspired me to try my hand at building one.  I have a question on the figures, did you make these yourself or modify an existing one ? Or do they come with one of the kits ? 

Thanks mate for any info you have, and thanks for the inspiration, this is amazing! 


Thank you so much for your encouraging words. The figures are included with this model kit. I have not modified anything on this kit at all and I am not planning to modify any Bandai Starfighters, but some other kits in the future (Falcon, Star Destroyer).

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On 4/16/2019 at 6:44 AM, Meteors said:

Fantastic work, looks camera-ready!!

Thanks a lot.


I waited for some deliveries and made lots of tests of the different products.


1) Top left and right corners consists of a snow from the hobby shop with too rough texture. It contains of a rough powder.

2) Bottom right is similar but a little bit better quality. Still too rough. Maybe perfect for a Snowtrooper or anything of that size: Tamiya Snow Effect

3) Bottom left is "Tamiya Powder Snow Effect". Thats the right size. Applied with a spatula it looks like a rough windy environment. With rocks it will look pretty good. But from close it looks too much like plaster.

4) Top and Bottom middle: "AK Diorama Terrains Snow" with "AK Diorama Snow Microballoons" which is a very fine powder. I chose this one.




4) "AK Diorama Terrains Snow" with "AK Diorama Snow Microballoons"



3) Tamiya Powder Snow Effect



The result:





I wanted fluffy powder snow with a snow dune. It turned out a bit different/rougher than expected, but I think it is okay now. It is hard to see at the photos but I like parts of powder snow and the added sparcle effect from the hobby shop product.



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