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SE5a 1/48

Tim K

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SE5a Revell (Eduard) 1/48 Pheon decals

I have never made a biplane but have wanted to model a Wingnut Wings. So I decided to model a cheaper kit and see what results I could reach?

I am partially colour blind so used the AK Interactive paint kits, Clear Doped Linen, 3 colours and WW1 RFC & RNAS 4 colours.

Rigging line : EZ line (fine) and some V.Fine Uschi van Roten I think

Trnbuckles Albion Alloys TB2 1/32 scale but cut in half.


Unlike most of my previous kits this was a joy. It’s the first time trying to make wood grain and while it is a bit clumsy the new technique tamya paint, winsor and Newton oils tamya clear orange. The results were satisfactory.


Airbrushing: AK Interactive  paints thinned with Lifecolor thinners worked ok


Mini disaster as the softening decal solution got under the Humbrol varnish (perhaps the layer was too thin) and messed up the large T on upper wing, After remedial airbrushing and varnish I used another “T” from the Pheon range although its not quite the right font – devil rides when needs must.


Placing the wings 4 may be 5 attempts and in the end removed most of the lugs from the lugs superglued in 0.3mm dia brass wire, drilled holes in the wings and fuselage.

When the fine diameter wires were in all the holes it gave me a semi rigid structure that I could move around and line things up….

I am a retired dentist so used silicone impression material to make an impression of the lower surface upper wing and cast it in quick etting resin – materials I was used to handling when I had a day job. I used this as a jig to glue the struts to the  lower wing and then replaced this when things were set with the upper wing and dropped runny superglue through the holes in the upper wing


Then over a week set about the rigging. Wingnut Wings SE5a gave rigging instructions were used in the main because I couldn’t find super detail instructions as to where the locating places were.


My method of rigging I don’t know whether its novel or a mix of other modellors.

Superglue one end, run the turn buckles on, stretch slightly and super glue the other end, then put the turn buckles in the correct positions and superglue them in place.


Painting the rigging – didn’t know whether to or not – so as this was an experimental model for me decided to use Mr Metal Color Aluminum. If nothing else it filled in the slight unsightly gap in the turnbuckle brass tube and with a bit of artistic license and a kind eye of the beholder it might look like air foil rigging wires….


Pleased Yes! Beats a nonsensical F40 I finished recently.

Any comments good or otherwise gratefully received.










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Great job for your first biplane and choosing the se5a must have been challenge if you have tackled rigging before .......


Funny enough I am working on precisely the same kit in the same boxing.   How did you find getting the cockpit structure together onto the lower wing?


I ran into some difficulties here and was forced to pull the cockpit structure apart to get it on the lower wing.





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Cockpit structure --- if I remember correctly,, it was all very tight. i think there was a lot of sanding and dry fitting, again I think I glued the cockpit structure to the fuselage and then glued that to the lower wing

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