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M16 gun carriage, Trumpeter

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Long time Lurker, rare poster, but I'm coming up on my 40th Birthday, and mid life crisis. I'm looking at buying and building the M16 Gun Carriage from Trupeter, now I have read a few reviews and realise this kit has a few minor flaws. so i would like to get reference material, spare parts and tips to try and make My M16 better than just plain old OOB


also advice on painting this beast, would like to do a Winter Camo, also I don't have access to an Airbrush, so id like to know if it is possible to paint this with brushes and rattle cans.


My birthday isnt till May 21st so i have a bit of time to get things organised, will be making a dedicated file to put this info in so electronic files and pics would be really good :)



Many thanks Richard 


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Winter camo would certainly be achievable with rattle cans and brushes. I always go for the 'hairspray technique', if you look it up on google you should find plenty of videos showing how to do it.

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well my wife has talked me out of this project bit exspensive for a "Toy" her words, and talked me into the 1/72 scale Bandai perfect Grade Millenium Falcon, as she is a semi Star Wars fan.

will defintly get this one up as a build on here hopefully, will be painting this up and using the above mentioned hairspray method and will really go to town on the weathering and details. 

My Biggest decision will be Landing gear up or down. 


Mad Larkin 

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Winter cam would have been applied, usually roughly, in the field with brushes, yard brooms or whatever was available. Highly unlikely to have been sprayed.  The only way to replicate that is with brushes.  No disrespect to Sairou, but hairspray and spray is not the right approach.  Technically excellent but the wrong effect.  Find an example in a photo and copy it.


Ammo Of MiG have a washable white paint in their range.  AK Interactive have a Washable Agent that you can add to (acrylic) paint to make it, well, washable.  Certainly scrubbable

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Here is a 1/16 Trumpeter King Tiger with zimmerit done with the hairspray and Tamiya Flat White over the normal 3 colour camo.

Turned out ok I thinkspacer.png






And a Trumpeter 1/16 T-34/85 using the same technique.









It may not be perfect but looks like white wash.


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