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1/48 Sikorsky CH-53 GA - Revell

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Flooping heck! 😱 (an exclamation of astonishment and amazement)


I'd heard this kit had some interesting fit quirks, and your liberal use of filler indicates a certain amount of struggle caused by the engineering and age of this kit, but by gum you've done a fantastic job with it! :worthy:


Looks like a beast and probably takes up more room than I have office space to work in. :shocked:


You've done a grand job with that and definitely worth the extra effort putting the kit right. :goodjob:

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Very nice indeed and I love the camouflage. 


I worked with these helicopters as part of the AMF when they were flown by the HEER,....... very impressive indeed. 




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Thanks for all the feedback!

This build was a challenge in some areas, but at the same time it was very rewarding to cross the finish line with satisfaction.

The hardest part was to try to keep the raised rivets and still eliminate the glue seams.

Thanks again!

José Pires


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Hi Jose Pedro


Your CH-53 is an excellent build, your love to the details one can see, i have still the same model kit in my stash, and you inspired me to start this project after the EME 2019 in Lingen at march 30+31.



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