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Hello All, finally the Jagdpanther can take its place in the cabinet now it is part of a small diorama, or is it small enough to be a vignette?  The Jagdpanther was completed earlier and shown in RFI - Armour here where I mentioned I was hoping to make it the centrepiece in a small diorama; well now I have done just that.


The base is one of a pile I picked up from Just Bases' odds bin for 10p each at Telford.  It is just MDF with a little bit of Teak stain to give it colour.  The cobbles are thinly rolled paperclay with the cobbles added using a 1/48 stamp tool my (much) better half uses for her dolls' house stuff.  The pavement is just scribed plasticard and the walls are adapted from the Matchbox kit base that came with the French tanks kit.  I picked those bits up for pennies from a well known auction site.  The rubble is, once again, from my (much) better half's collection of dolls' house stuff.  Her stash is bigger than mine!  The infantry are an SS machine gun team from Millicast I painted with Wermacht uniforms, the jackets being my attempt to replicate the late war splinter camo.  Most of the paint on the figures are vallejo model colours with an oil wash, all matted down with a couple of misted coats of Windsor and Newton Galleria matt varnish.


The last photograph just to give an idea of its actual size, and I apologise for my poor photographic skills.












Thank you for stopping by to look.

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5 hours ago, Ozzy said:

Fantastic build Dave.

Coming from you Oz that's high praise indeed - your builds aren't exactly shabby!

2 hours ago, BadKarma75 said:

Looks great natter

I feel you with the dolls house stash Mrs Karma has piles of 1/12 stuff for her 6ft tall thing 

Oh yeah - feel the pain.  And the love ...

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