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The Brummagen IPMS Beer Mat Challenge – RS Models 1/72 Avro Rota C.30

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Yerssss  that falling out of bed bit is a bugger isnt it

Last time I did it stopped me getting out at the crackodawn to drive to a Motor Racing Forum Film show


Proper peeved about that but I was too damaged to drive to Herts


As to the models, research thereof, I would love to see how you tackle the racing Mustangs and Corsairs

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Thank you gentlemen. the links are most useful Dave (PS you need to do a Thomas Flyer in honour of my namesake -  my thread, my orders). I have a couple of those. Here's a lovely image from Getty:




The natural metal finish is quite pronounced.


On ‎2‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 10:04 AM, Courageous said:

Go on @Tomoshenko, you know you want to...:wicked:



You're a naughty man Stuart.....


I think I'll leave the brass tubing to the Baron. I have been up to some scratch building though. I won’t be adding quite as much detail as in the diagram, but that said I made some progress on the side wall. I removed the plastic blobby bits first.




Then I made the throttle and mixture levers, plus a reinforcement plate will lies behind the footwell on the exterior – hence the slight bulge (you can just about see it above). This were made from take-away foil, copper wire and bits of plastic rod.




Here they are assembled with the addition of little flare gun box from the kit's sprue.




The wire will be trimmed back obviously, and it is all dry fitted in place for the time being. The plan (what could possibly go wrong) is to paint these cockpit green (dark red for the flare box) separately and then just glue them in place.


I will try and get another update in on Saturday before I go on holiday for ten days. See yous later.



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Posted (edited)

Oooh well that’s rather nice! :clap2:

enjoy yer hollibobs Tomo.



Edited by The Spadgent

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Is true



Back for club?


Or hedonistic delights aplenty?




PS, guess what I'd do



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Still on my holibobs Bill, soaking up sunshine, beer and Britmodeller in Gran Canaria. I return to soggy Blighty on Friday, whereupon fiddling with plastic and take-away tin foil continues 😎

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Beautiful work Tomo. Those details are sublimely supreme in their tiny eye-aching splendour. 

Head back to the bar and have a Dry Martini on me.*


*It's knowing that I cared enough to tell you to pay for your own drink that counts, doesn't it?

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I just caught up with this Tomo.

Lovely work on the interior 👍.


I have the old Azur kit, it’s a little different to this one. Unusual and worrying things like the attachment points at the base of the rotor blades being tiny pieces of resin 😟.


I have never dared to start it. I will watch carefully and try to glean some clues to help me build up the courage.


I’m looking forward to seeing you do the shiny bits on the cowl 👍.


I hope you’re having a great time in Gran Canaria. I went there in 2004 and completely fell out with the lady I went with. The first relationship after my late first wife passed away.


My nightmare holiday from hell was saved  halfway through due to a young lad of about 17 that had similarly fallen out with his mum and sister, that were, as such things work out, spending the time with my now ex and her daughter.


I had a grand time with the lad on the airgun range and tennis courts of the place we were at. He made superb model aircraft, motorcycles and cars out of aluminium drinks cans and a pair of scissors and had a fairly endless supply of rather superb Gran Canaria cigars too.


I felt like Hugh Grant in ‘About A Boy’ 😂!


Holiday completely  rescued, much to the chagrin of the now ex. 


It’s a good place for a holiday; with the right company 😉 


Best regards


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Thanks Tony. Glad you had a nice time there. 


Roight up then. Back from a couple of weeks in sunny Gran Canaria. Lovely weather, beer and food. Here is a piccie of the island on approach to Las Palmas airport and a Ryanair Boeing 737 engine.




On my return awaiting me were bills, chilly weather and my computer completely crashed. Anyroad, first world problems. I have returned to work, both in the paid employment arena, and the more enjoyable modelling arena. Here’s a brief update.


I’ve turned to the starboard side of the pilot’s pit. The trim tab control lever is urm nicely cough cough moulded … In fairness it is in approximately the right place and could be picked out with a little dry-brushing etc. However, I felt it could be improved upon.




The blobby plastic was sanded away and the ribs were replaced.




Then I scratched the petrol on / off rod, a fire extinguisher as I am a follower of the Nigel Heath school of fire extinguishers (I’m still a budding student trying to emulate the master himself); and the trim tab lever. These are not glued in place yet, as it will be easier to paint them separately.




I think that’s an improvement and once painted should stand out nicely. Methinks this isn’t going to be a quick build despite its size given the extra fiddly bits I’ve taken upon myself to add. However, I’m beginning to get into the build and enjoy it. Next is the co-pilot’s / navigator’s pit, and I want to see if I can improve the IPs. TBC.

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The beer, nosh and sun of course

The plastic looks as if it was crush moulded from all the bits under my workbench


Which means you are doing a remarkable job in taming it and turning it into the fabulous little thing its going to be


Glad you had a good time, see ya soon

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The actual representation of the instruments and dials isn’t bad. They appear reasonably accurate when compared with the plans Patrik sent me and some reference photos (museum restored so the proverbial pinch of salt is required). However, the moulding is a little lumpy come blobby. I thought I’d see what I could do to add a little more definition. Rather than faff around sanding back and drilling out the kit bits, I started again from scratch.


Some beer can foil was glued to some thin plastic sheet to give it more depth and marked out approximately.




The dials were punched out.




With this being the result.




It was then sanded to shape and tidied up a little. Here it is compared to the kit original.




And here it is with little bits and bobs stuck on.




And here is the forward IP:




What I will do is glue a sheet of acetate to the back, and then either paint the back of the acetate black or stick a sheet of black painted plastic sheet on the back, whatever looks better. I suspect there will be little difference between the two options so the former sounds less hassle. The IPs will be painted NATO black and the raised bits proper black, yellow for the thermometer. Once dry-brushed they should look pretty respectable.


Here they are together. There is a little dial on the bottom right hand side of the pilot’s IP which I will glue onto a little stub of slater’s rod. By the way Bill here is your shilling. If you want it back then it’ll cost you 12p!




As you can see they are not wholly accurate in comparison with the originals and reference data but not far off – let’s just hope they fit…


Next up is the forward cockpit section, co-pilot or navigator. Not a lot of reference piccies of much detail for this area on hand, so some edjumucated guessifaction may be in order.

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It's a going on orroight Tomo

Nice work I like it mate

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5 hours ago, zigster said:

I would love to see some (or all) entered kits. (photos please!!)

Moa should fit with his "production" though :-))


Its a real fun competition and we've had some fantastic entries

Last year was a ditched USN Wildcat that won and the year before was a folded up Westland Wasp

This year might be a Rota, we know that Tomo is a hard act to follow/beat

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Hi Tomo,

                  Some more detail here: Linky       Might come in useful for some of the fiddly bits later on.




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