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Grumman F-14D “Bombcat” VF-31 CAG “Operation Freedom Iraq”

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This is my first completed build of the year, it was built as part of the Grumman GB.




This build was originally planned to be a Hasegawa F-14D with Aires Cockpit and Avionix’s “Bombcat” Update/Conversion kit. But as luck would have it I won the monthly raffle at my local IPMS and took home Tamiya’s awesome new 1/48th F-14D!!


I can’t rave enough about this model, it’s truly beautiful and without doubt one of the nicest models I’ve ever built. I add a couple of extras to her just to finish her off. The OEM wheels are rubber/metal and rubber wheels only look good for a year or two before they start to perish. The ejector seats and exhaust cans just lack detail when compared to the rest of the model and sort of let it down, so they were replaced.


For such fine detail throughout the model I needed a paint to capture this and Mr Paint Acrylic Lacquers are just incredible!! They go on so fine straight from the bottle and give a perfect finish. Best of all you don’t loose detail, in spots there are 18 layers of paint and the detail is still super crisp, I so love this paint.


The only let down on the whole project was the decals, they were a bit old and for the Revell/Hasegawa model, which I found didn’t fit or line up correctly in a few very noticeable spots!


But in the end I’m super happy with the results, I know I’ll have to build another one of these models, maybe an F-14A next time.


Model: 1/48th Tamiya Grumman F-14D Tomcat

Paint: Mr Paint (main) and Mr Hobby, Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquers


KA Models – F-14D GE Exhaust Nozzle set

Quickboost – F-14 Ejection Seats

Quickboost – F-14 Wheel set

SuperScale Decals – F-14D VF-31 CAG Operation Freedom Iraq


Thanks for looking and please enjoy.























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Congrat you get the Tamiya one, which is the best kit of a Tomcat today. You made a great paint a weathering job, looks so awesome.


Anytime i will build my Hasegawa cat, but its an ,,A,,

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I've sort of started building the Hasegawa model at the same time but gave up pretty quickly, compared to the tanya one it's lots of hard work.


I will get to it, I'll use the Grim Reapers set leftover from the Tamiya model for the scheme.

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A blacktailed Tomcatters Tomcat that actually is a Bombcat.... and.... ! :) : )  





 but.. isn't that boring without a lot of resin to blend in etc...? :P 

Edited by exdraken

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love it , my 2 favourite cats ... tom and felix   :)    a beautiful tomcat .... well done !

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Superb Bombcat there, looks amazing

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To quote the late Steve Irwin- "Crikey- she's a beaut!" That is what a Tomcat is supposed to look like. Good on yer, mate! Wonder how long it will take Tamiya to do the F-14D in 1/72?


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thanks for all the great comments, I really appreciate the feedback, once built they are rarely ever seen again.


The finish was something the really scared me as I wanted to try and make her look like a well used bird. The finish I knew it was something that could make or break the look I was after, and in the end I tried not to go too extreme. Looking at the photos of her and the actual aircraft, I could have gone further. But figured being the CAG bird she may have been kept a bit cleaner.


She is or was such an amazing looking aircraft, I really want to build another one, probably another Bombcat (maybe a B model this time), I'm not sure it'll be the Hasegawa one I have, I may have to get another Tamiya version, you really can't go past this model, it's very nearly the perfect model!

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