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British Rucksacks, Folded Canvas & Bags WWII (35599) 1:35


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British Rucksacks, Folded Canvas & Bags WWII (35599)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




No matter where or when armies fight, they always need to bring things with them, and to carry smaller equipment and personal effects, rucksacks, bags and so forth are always present.  In addition, covering equipment with waterproof tarps for camouflage and to prevent water damage is a common occurrence, so these too are often present, either rolled up on the side of vehicles or folded and strapped together.  This new set from MiniArt gives the modeller just this sort of ancillary stuff to use in, on or near models or dioramas.  Arriving in a standard figure-sized box, there are six sprues inside, two of each with different themes per pair.  If you think you have already seen one of the pairs you'd be right, as one contains general and vegetable sacks, each of which are moulded in halves.  The next pair contains two long rolled tarps, and two of the small rucksacks often seen worn high on the backs of Tommies.  Each of these parts are hollow on the rear, but made of one part per item.  The final pair contain larger rucksacks of two types, some bed-roll sized bundles, and three other tarps that are folded and rolled, then strapped up.  Two of these are designed to be glued together into a stack with pins holding them in the correct position.







The rear of the box has a guide printed upon it that shows the typical arrangement of some of the elements on Allied tanks, but other than the colours used, there's nothing holding you to using them exactly as shown.



Detail is excellent as we've come to expect from MiniArt, and with everything doubled up in pairs, there should be plenty of stowage to keep you going for several models at least.


Highly recommended.




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