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What solvent/cement do you recommend for styrene-styrene bonding?

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I need to buy some more solvent/cement for bonding stryrene-to-styrene.

What to do you recommend and why?



It would be good to get something that isn't too toxic when you accidentally inhale some. Also I want something that has a reasonable 'bite', but without evapourating too quickly as I am working on a fairly large model (36cm wide) that uses 3mm thick HIPS styrene and need to be able to paint the stuff on over a large area without it disappearing too fast actually still be there when the two pieces are firmly pressed  together . 

In the end I need something that has enough 'bite' to form a really strong bond (or 'weld') between 2 pieces of styrene. Also I want something reasonably cheap so that I can buy a large volume of the stuff and paint it on so as to smooth the sanded surfaces.


Also I don't really like using a brush as you keep having to refil it. So I was thinking about using a squeezy bottle or refill-able syrin

Any thoughts?





PS There seem to be a HUGE number of plastic solvent type "cements" all of which sound rather similar:


- "Ambroid ProWeld" [does it still exist?]
- "Black Swan PVC1 PVC Cement"
- "Bondloc 500ml Pipe Bonding Cement/A"
- "Deluxe Plastic Magic Liquid Glue AD-77 (with brush and applicator)" by DELUXE MATERIALS
- "EMA Plastic Weld Cement"
- "Everbuild P16PIPE P16 Plumbers PVC Pipe Cement"
- "Faller Expert Plastic Glue"
- "Flex-i-File Plas-i-Weld Professional Plastic Welder"
- "FloPlast SC250 250 ml Solvent Cement - Clear"
- "Humbrol Precision Poly Cement 3"
- "JUNESUN ABS Plastic Model Cement Special Glue Acrylic Plexiglass Fast Adhesive"
- "lacquer thinner" ??
- "Liquid Solvent Cement"
- "MEX"
- "MEK-PAC"?
- "Mr. Cement S" (from Mr Hobby)
- "Plastic Cement Weld Glue Perspex Acrylic Hobby Crafts DIY 250 ml Styrene ABS"
- "PLASTRUCT Bond-2 Bondene"
- "TENSOL 12 Acrylic Adhesive, 50ml Bottle/Perspex Bonding Glue Cement"
- "Tamiya 87012 Plastic Cement"
- "Tamiya extra thin cement"
- "Tenax 7R"

... All very confusing!


Also which of these products have been banned in the UK? And which are said to cause cancer?!


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There is no such thing as a non-toxic glue. Well, there is, but it doesn't melt styrene to give you the weld action bonding. All glues should be used with ventilation and in small amounts.

I use Mr. Cement S for smaller joints the need to cure fast and Revell Contacta for large joints as it's thicker and it evaporates slowly.

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