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Another Tamiya Tomcat

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That's my Tomcat.  VF-1, their second cruise on USS Enterprise, on 1976.
A real joy to build this kit.  Quickboost seats and Fightertown decals.  The most difficult part was to find out a bird with Tamiya block 85 configuration  (standard beaver tail and two-grills gun vent), but still with the tan radome.
Thanks to Forums and to a dedicated Facebook group I found two, choosing Wichita106.
Now I Iook forward to see a new release from Tamiya, in A late version.













 Hope you like it!


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easily one of the best schemes to be seen on an F-14. The more I see of these Tamiya F-14s the more I know I will eventually have to give in & but one 



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13 hours ago, Sidders said:

Beautiful Tomcat!


Can I ask which Fightertown decal sheet you used?


Many thanks,



Hi Mark. It's Fightertown 48-014 "VF-1 Wolfpack". Released in 2012.


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