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Star Wars Hangar Crew & Equipment 1:72

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Star Wars Hangar Crew & Equipment

1:72 GreenStrawberry




That low-budget cult classic from LucasFilm is back again, this time with accessories to liven up any diorama that you may wish to create with your massive stash of Bandai kits, or indeed any other 1:72 Star Wars kit.  Thinking of it, they'd be pretty useful with any 1:72 Sci-Fi model, with maybe a little adjustment to remove any of the more obvious Star Wars design cues.  Each set arrives in a small card box, with the figures in a tiny ziplok bag, a sheet of instructions where necessary doing the job of protecting them from rattling about too much too.  The detail is good (remember that they're blown up to approx. 5x real size on my screen), with the casting blocks sensibly placed and a few wisps of flash from where the moulds have been cut to enable casting of parts with gaps, such as legs etc.


The range is expanding as we speak (type?), and this is just the first of the range, as follows:


Hangar Crew Vol.I (72001) Pilot with mechanics on inspection

Containing three figures, two of which have one separate arm, and one having two separate arms, you get a rather heroic-looking moustachioed pilot figure with chest out and a wide stance, a chap with the SW equivalent of a clipboard perusing same, and the third chap is stooping whilst possibly leaning against something. 







Hangar Crew Vol.II (72002) A-Wing and Y-Wing pilots

Three resin pilots discussing tactics or previous battles using the tried-and-tested method involving hands and the waving around thereof.  One pilot is kneeling, and has a separate arm, while the others are standing and gesticulating in their flight gear.  All three have the requisite helmets for their rides – two Y-wing jockeys and one A-Wing flier.







Hangar Crew Vol.III (72003) mechanics and power droid

A 1:72 Gonk droid!  Sure, you get two mechanics, one striding toward something, the other kneeling to inspect something with his monster clipboard, but you also get a 1:72 Gonk Droid!  He's made up of top and bottom halves, plus a pair of little short legs with tissuebox feet.  Awesome!







Hangar Equipment Vol.III (06718-1/72)

This is a simple set that just requires the casting blocks sawing off and making good.  It contains four items commonly found in hangars in the Star Wars universe.  An inexpertly stacked block of those funny Holocron-shaped packing cubes, a large ribbed box, a smaller stackable "monitor stand" box, and a bundle of cylinders on a palette.







This will take much of the hard work out of building a layered diorama of a hangar bay, as it's usually the background objects and their candid nature that makes for a good diorama.  There is also a Maintenance ramp that will look superb in the background, which we hope to review soon.


Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of



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