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1/72 DHC-6 Twin Otter Revell

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Morning Gals and Lads:


Here comes the first one of this year (hopefully not the last).

The good old Matchbox tooling of the Twin Otter depicting a Chilean machine operating from Antarctica circa 1985.

I added the antennas, air scoop, wind screen wipers plus some safety ropes and struts for the skis.


I leave you a few pictures: 














I hope you like it.



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As an AFV modeller, I usually scroll through other types of models and click LIKE as is appropriate, but every now and then something appears such as this, which demands more. That is a truly superb rendition of the old Matchbox kit, and such an unusual colour scheme. Nice one.



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Hello Adrian,

You are a great modeler. Turning this old kit into such a beautiful color-bird takes a lot of effort.

Just like Kirwan I would like to know some more regarding the decals and your choice of paint.

Regards, Orion


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Thank you Gents for your kind words.

They are very much appreciated

@BKirwan  and @Orion, The decals I used came from a generic set of numbers and insignias FACH.

I`ve got MaxDecals for a couple of helicopters I`ve got in the queue, they are very nice. 

The colour scheme and detail pictures/drawing came from a great little dossier published by

"Ediciones Multimodel"

It really is a gem it does not only give you pictures but also detail drawing and colours used in FS.


@Pagey you are so right on the Red Arrows look a like, you cracked me up! 





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Hello adrian!

A pleasure to greet you, first of all, say that your model is spectacular, I am new to the blog and I am impressed your model, I am Chilean and I am putting together the model of revell DHC-6 Twin Otter and I would like to know what colors you used in the model, if it is not a problem for you.

Stay tuned for your comments...




Leo R.

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