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Eldred Flyer's Dream-1946, Scratchbuilt 1/72

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A build from 11 years ago:


What would have been of us without the 60’s…

The Beatles, the Mattel Vac-U-Form, so much good stuff.

But before the 60’s there were the 50’s. And before the 50’s, in case you didn’t notice, were the 40’s. And the Eldred Flyer’s Dream was born exactly then. In 1946.

Many would argue that Eldred’s creation is not a Flyer’s Dream, but a Flyer’s Nightmare. There will always be those who are impervious to beauty. The Eldred was apparently impervious too, to criticism and also to water.

If, as many of you apparently do, you think I am a shameless generator of apocryphal stories and planes, just have a look at this one, thanks to Youtube (and to the gentleman that posted it):


As you probably guessed, there are no three-views for this clunky baby; so I had to make mines. They self-destructed after the well-known five seconds period.

The model was made utilizing the best cutting edge technology available, namely the Mattel Vacuform Psychedelic contraption. I used it already in previous projects, as many of you know, but this is the first time I made a whole fuselage shell out of it, not left side and right side, but bottom and top.

As you will discern from the accompanying images, the lower part was made of white styrene, while the top was made of clear styrene for reasons that will also become clear -no pun intended- later. The technique was inspired by the contemplation (and avid ingestion) of Argentinean empanadas. And as convenient filling some interior was fabricated. The floats came –as well again as for previous projects- from the Aeroclub Models generic vac float sheet. Some little tweaking was necessary to get it right for the project.

Given the unusual “W” dihedral arrangement –no, it is not for “Weird”- and the car-like fuselage pod, this creature was referred to as a “StukaBaker” by enthusiast Richard Weber.

Now, tell me, isn’t it the Mattel Vac-U-Forming a psychedelic experience?

Escape to paradise in your Eldred Flyer’s Dream.

I did!



























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What a little cracker. 

You've done a lovely job with the vac-forming and the finished build is superb. 

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Lovely! Where are getting them all from? :) 

I am also jelous about your vacu machine. Impressive!




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A brilliant idea and a brilliant model. I have a feeling that there was a picture in one of the late 40's Aeroplane Spotter.  As I said, a brilliant idea but that tail end and the complex control runs would worry me. The contemporaneous Seabee was a better bet.



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5 hours ago, Moa said:


Ha! That alone was worth the price of admission (as is the lovely model, by the way).


Cute plane and fantastic work on the build.




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