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C-47A 42-93292 Assam Air Lines

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C-47A-25-DK 42-93292 Assam Air Lines

Air Transport Command Sookerating India June 1945


33028256528_e36ebc1424_c.jpgC-47 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


46851596862_147a67ff45_c.jpgC-47 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


46903647351_ffc0c6e35b_c.jpgC-47 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


45989041945_b0f1b8d338_c.jpgC-47 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


33022329198_e067a29764_c.jpgC-47 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


33022329188_3767173998_c.jpgC-47 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


Apologies for the harsh lighting in the outdoor shots – low winter sun.


I’ve had this C-47/Dakota in the deep stash for years, and had a sudden urge to build it. I think seeing the Avalon decals fired my interest. I’ve long had a (distant) fascination with the air over "the Hump" in WW2. Until now, I’ve never really tried to replicate the CBI theatre in model form, with the exception of the two P40s I’ve built over the years.


Airfix, largely OOB apart from exhausts (Quickboost), wheels (Brassin) and cockpit etch (Eduard). I scratch built the various aerial masts from florists wire, filed to shape, as the kit has a different fit and I thought plastic would be too vulnerable anyway.


My first attempt at NMF (Halfords Aluminium from a spray can) and my first time using “knitting in elastic” for aerials. I thoroughly enjoyed the kit, although fitting the cockpit windows was a trial (and shows in my poor finish), and this makes it three completions for the year so far, compared with none(!) last year.


And finally, I only know of one photo of this actual plane (US Government so should be ok to reproduce)


31960764667_d1631405ff_b.jpgAssam Air Lines by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr


And my attempt at a similar shot:


46903711651_560085002c_c.jpgUntitled by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr




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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Reminds me clearly and instantly of the old aviator's classic movie "Island in the Sky" with John Wayne. The presentation of your photos, especially the outside ones are truly brilliant. The low winter sun captures her lines perfectly; she looks like she is sitting proudly in a field waiting for her next assignment. Nice job. Really nice indeed.

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